A typical middle-class family gets on the back of a truck, fleeing the city. We follow the events that unfold through the eyes of the two children, Ade and Siena.

Others get on. Some are sick. Some are emotionally damaged. They will fight, kill, do what it takes to survive. Although it may just be that the best way of surviving is to keep your head down and never say a word. The truck careers across a dystopian landscape. As the journey progresses the world outside the truck deteriorates. No-one knows where they're going. They just hope they get there soon.

Soon, the fault-lines within the family begin to deteriorate. With their parents unable to cope with the stress, Ade and Siena find themselves torn. The children are faced with the terrible choice of having to decide where their allegiances lie: with their mother or their father. Should they stay on the truck, or should they get off?

Truck was produced with the support of Creative England and BFI NET.WORK and is now being developed into a feature length film with the BFI.