Deep State – season 2

In the first dirty war over clean energy, secrets are the most powerful resource.

In Mali, four US Special Forces and their translator, Aïcha Konaté, are supposedly killed in an ambush. This delays a procurement deal in Washington with the Malian government, off which the deep state is set to profit significantly. They send in their operative, Nathan Miller, a man torn between family and duty, to fix the situation. However, when a Republican Senator, Meaghan Sullivan, catches wind of a cover-up after digging into the deaths, matters are complicated further.

Harry and Leyla, now out of the game, are compelled to get involved after Leyla receives a cry for help from Aïcha (who they believed was dead) and must do everything in their power to stop the insidious advancement of the malignant network that is known as the deep state.

Deep State season 2 starts Thursday 9th May at 9pm, on FOX

Another thrilling mission. Action-packed intelligence drama

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