‘The Nine’ (working title) is an original 8 x 60 series to be aired in over 50 countries on FOX and will begin production in early 2017.

‘The Nine’ is a new 8 x 60 drama created by Matthew Parkhill (Rogue) and Simon Maxwell (American Odyssey) and will air on FOX in over 50 European and African countries. This first scripted project has been commissioned by Jeff Ford, SVP Content Development and Sara Johnson, VP Scripted Drama for FNG, Europe & Africa and will go into pre-production in the new year.

Jeff Ford, SVP Content Development, FNG Europe & Africa said, “Following the huge success we’ve had with our FOX global content, we made a commitment to develop drama for this region specifically, that has the potential to be a success worldwide. We are known for quality, premium content and we are thrilled to be partnering with some of the industry’s finest European talent, with global credits, to bring this ambitious and addictive new drama to our 250 million viewers across the territory”.

Produced by Hilary Bevan Jones and Tom Nash for Endor Productions, 'The Nine' is an intense, character-driven espionage thriller. Le Carré meets Bourne.

Written by Matthew Parkhill, Simon Maxwell and Stephen Thompson (Jericho, Sherlock, Doctor Who) this fresh new drama is set in Britain, The U.S., Iran, Lebanon and France; and centres on Max Easton, an ex-spy, who is brought back into the game to avenge the death of his son, only to find himself at the heart of a covert intelligence war and a conspiracy to profit from spreading chaos throughout the Middle East.

This enthralling story, shot through with suspense, action and duplicity, shows the merciless reality of the world of espionage, where an increasingly rare conscience can get you, and the ones you love, killed.